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Virayeshyar English Language Editing Center

You walk the walk, we help you talk the talk!

Every year, a large number of research manuscripts are rejected since they fail to meet English language editing requirements strictly enforced and observed by journal editors and reviewers.

To ensure that your research works (research papers and reports, books, Power Points, theses, and dissertations) are written in correct and proper scientific English before submission, submit them to Virayeshyar. We will do our best to make sure that your paper is free of grammatical, spelling, and other common errors. We will upgrade its academic style and transform it into a scholarly written text. At Virayeshyar, we believe that Language shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting your quality research published and voiced. Our aim is to ensure that your research work is communicated clearly and accurately.

We are confident that the given services will boost the quality of your manuscript, thereby increasing your chances of publication. Even though we cannot guarantee publication, we stand behind your research paper and will closely work with each corresponding author to make sure that they are completely pleased with our services. We feel committed to re-edit your document if the journal editor rejects the manuscript owing to the quality of the language. All work completed within 7 business days. 

PhD or PhD candidates in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) edit your manuscripts. The editor working on the manuscript will focus on correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. She/he will change improper language, alternate words or paraphrase if poor wording is used. The editor will alter sentences that sound awkward or unnatural and may point out portions of the manuscript that are vague or confusing or simply need to be rewritten.

Standard Editing includes:

  • Correcting spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors
  • Checking for problems in parallelism, tense, and conjugations
  • Eliminating improper language and poor word choice
  • Making the document sound natural and professional
  • Reviewing the use of terminology within the document
  • Conforming to the author’s choice of British or American English
  • Ensuring that the manuscript maintains a consistent style
  • Revising wordy or awkward constructions

We will edit the following, in any discipline:

  • Journal articles– we will edit your paper to ensure that your research is expressed in correct academic English. Your article will be edited with your intended journal in mind.
  • Abstracts– we will edit your abstract to ensure that your research and conclusions are clearly presented.
  • Dissertations– the editor will review your dissertation to make sure that the arguments are communicated in the highest quality English.
  • Presentations– we will edit your slides and Power Point files so that the content is well-written and excellently presented, in order to support your messages

Contact Information and Payment

Submit your manuscripts to:


Contact Number: +98 912 1056035

For payment from other countries: Please pay the editing fee through credit car or pay pal after receiving the payment instructions through email. 

N.B.: Disclaimer

Please note that Virayeshyar English Language Editing Center is an editing service only, and using the service will in no way guarantees that your manuscript will be selected for peer review or accepted for publication. Journal editors assess manuscripts submitted for publication based on the quality, originality, and appropriateness of a manuscript for the journal.

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